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What We Do:

Christopher Capone is a Artist/Designer who specializes in the toy/game and collectibles industry for 10+ years and offers a number of creative services. Known as a creative Solution Specialist, Chris can help you with your most creative problems! CC Cre8tive Design Studio provides a wide range of creative services and caters to a wide range of clientele, from individuals to large corporations such as; SpinMaster, Basic Fun, Horizon Group USA, Fashion Angels to name a few. From 3D modeling, prototyping, 3D printing, graphic/logo design, 2D illustration to Ai conceptual art, CC Cre8tive is always offering fresh, inspirational ideas to your project. We are devoted to producing high-quality artwork in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please contact us for all of your creative and visual projects!

Creative Solutions Specialist Service:

We provide Quick, Efficient, and Innovative Solutions for Your Creative Challenges

At the heart of my services is my role as a Creative Solution Specialst. Whether you're facing a design dilemma, a creative block, or a project that needs a fresh perspective, I'm here to provide quick, efficient, and innovative solutions. My expertise spans various fields, ensuring that no matter the challenge, I can find the right approach to bring your vision to life. 

-Rapid Problem-Solving: I excel in identifying issues and delivering fast, effective solutions without compromising on quality.

- Diverse Skill Set: My wide range of skills allows me to tackle any creative task, from 3D printing and design to brainstorming and project management.

-Tailored Approach: Every project is unique, and I adapt my methods to fit your specific needs and goals.

- Reliability: You can count on me to meet tight deadlines and exceed expectations, providing results that make a difference.

Let me help you turn your creative challenges into opportunities with my dedicated and versatile Creative Fixer service.

List of Services:

  • 3D Modeling/Renders

  • SLA/PLA Printing Services

  • Prototyping

  • 2D Illustration

  • Digital Painting

  • Traditional Painting

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design 

  • Character Design

  • AI Character Design

  • Midjourney

  • DALL·E

  • Voiceovers

3D Modeling/Renders Rates:

  • $300 – $5,000 per 3D character (Full Color Model) 

  • $500 – $5,00 per 3D Mechanism (Working Mechanism)

  • $65 per hour of Modeling

3D Print Rates:

  • $20 per Hour (SLA 3D printing)

  • $10 per Hour (PLA 3D printing)

  • $50 -$5,000 per Model depending on Model, Size, Material, (Ask for Quote)

Prototype Rates:

  • $500 - $5,000 Depending on Project (Ask for Quote)

2D/Digital Illustration Rates:​

  • $500 - $2,000 Depending on Project (Ask for Quote)

Graphic/Logo Design Rates:​

  • $500 - $2,000 Depending on Project (Ask for Quote)

Traditional Painting Rates:​

  • $500-$10,000 Depending on Project (Ask for Quote)

Ai Concept/Character Art Rates:

  • $50 - $2,000 Depending on Project (Ask for Quote)

Voiceover Rates:

  • Up to 1 minute = $300

  • Up to 2 minutes of script = $600

  • Up to 5 minutes of script = $1200

  • Up to 10 minutes of script = $2400

  • Up to 15 minutes of script = $3000

  • Up to 15+ minutes of script = $4000+

Get a Quote

Feel free to contact me via E-mail for availability and a quote.

Email: or

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