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This adorable 3D printed Littlefoot Dinosaur figure is great for kids and adults alike! This figure makes for a great gift for anyone who grew up with the animation Land Before Time and who want to show their children/family the classic Littlefoot Dinosaur character brought to life! I 3D sculpted and 3D printed this cute fan art Littlefoot Dinosaur figure in Zbrush and 3D printed the parts on my SLA/PLA 3D printers. I used a C-Clip articulation for the 6 of the 7 points of articulation. The head is the only point of articulation that is a ball joint. The adorable Dino figure is fully pose-able. I am only producing a limited quantity of 10 fully painted Littlefoot Dinosaurs to start. I will also be selling 10 unpainted versions as well. This Figure makes for a great gift for fans of Littlefoot from Land Before Time! This is a 3D printed fan art creation and is not an officially licensed product. The is figure is recommended for kids 5 years +. The figures legs, arms and neck are meant to pop on and off. If they pop off you can pop the part back in with a little pressure. Please take into consideration that this is a 3D print and is not a factory made product. Each one of these figures is 3D printed, Cleaned, Sanded, painted and finished with gloss glaze.

Littlefoot Dinosaur 3D Printed Collectible Toy

SKU: Littlefoot-3D-Figure
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